LokLok Storytime: the story of food-based friendship between Carolina and Yorji

Today we are featuring Carolina, whose cup of Starbucks latte we almost drank on Instagram the other day.

“Hi, my name is Carolina, I am 26 and I live in Lima, PerĂº. I have recently graduated from a finance school and now work as a financier. I also love to draw and take graphic design courses at the moment. One day I was hanging around Internet and I came across the article about LokLok. The description made me curious and I downloaded the app at once.


I started using LokLok on Xperia Z1 Compact and then changed to Xperia Z3 Compact. I share LokLok with 4 of my best friends but I made most of my doodles just with one of them, Yorji, since he also enjoys drawing.

LokLok_Baseball playerLokLok_Sushi

With Yorji we share drawings of food, like hot dog, makis and the cookie that ended up becoming a King Cookie. Since Yorji loves to play baseball I drew a baseball player with his favourite number (17) on his back. We also take pictures of the places we visit together and make some doodles on them like superheroes or cookie monsters. I really enjoy the way you can share moments with your beloved ones instantly.

LokLok_TripLokLok_King cookie

I really like to start the day with the doodles of someone who is special for you. I remember I used to have classes at 8 am and for me it was really hard to get up in good mood. But after I got the app, I woke up more willingly because I knew I would see a little drawing or message waiting for me on my lock screen.”

You can check out Carolina’s Instagram here.

LokLok Storytime is a series of posts in which we are telling stories about our users and how they are using LokLok. If you want to get featured, post your drawings/doodles/edited photos made with LokLok to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #loklokapp hashtag.