Open Beta!

After a few months of improving the app, building new features and fixing bugs, we are very happy to say that LokLok is now publicly available for all Android users. You no longer need an invite to use it and you can connect with whoever you wish.

Since we launched the first version, we’ve had over 10,000 users trying the app and the feedback that we got was outstanding. We’ve had conversations with our Beta testers, added new features, iterated on existing ones and have seen our metrics evolve as a result. During the last weeks, we put a lot of effort on usability, privacy and stability and we now feel that LokLok is solid enough to be open to everyone.

However, LokLok is still in Beta and it’ll keep evolving. We’re already working on the upcoming releases and are looking forward to your getting some feedback. Let us know what you think via [email protected], our facebook page or via twitter (@loklokapp)