LokLok Storytime: welcome to Makaela’s panda world!

Here comes a new LokLok Story about Makaela, who excuses herself for drawing too many pandas (because her boyfriend loves them 🙂 We at LokLok are happy to feature this wonderful selection of pandas on our blog! Basically all animals are very welcome.

My name is Makaela Baker-Todd. I’m from Amarillo, Texas! I’m studying theatre at Our Lady of the Lake University, and just started a job at Jason’s Deli. I’m a bit of an oddball though , I love spending what little time I have training in circus performance at Aerial Horizon here in San Antonio and ballroom dancing!

I use LokLok with my boyfriend, Yale. He was the one to find the app first. Since he works much of the day and now I work evenings, it’s a fun way to spend time drawing together!

LokLok Storytime_Panda BirthdayLokLok Storytime Panda Aztek

I learned how to draw from my grandmother when I was old enough to hold a crayon. She was a wonderful artist with anything nature gave her – from paper to rocks and wood knots. Since then, drawing has always been a good way to get rid of stress, or accidentally making my teachers think I wasn’t paying attention in class 😉

LokLok Storytime Chinese New YearLokLok Storytime Panda in the Box

I’ve been in a few competitions, though I’ve never really cared much about awards. I enjoyed watching everyone try their hardest with me and was fortunate enough to meet some wonderful teachers!

LokLok is a fun little canvas for my cartoons or quick drawings. It’s a real honour to have any of my art recognised, whether it’s a huge piece or a screen doodle! And I hope it can make someone smile~

LokLok Storytime Snail convertedLokLok Storytime Penguin

If you are happy with LokLok too and want to be featured on out blog – post your drawings/screenshots on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #loklokapp tag. The best ones will be covered in our blog. Hugs!