LokLok Storytime: surfing business bear and not only by AcerBandit

Today we are featuring Chris aka AcerBandit, 31, whose awesome surfing business bear on Twitter caught our eye.

“My name is Chris, 31 and I am from Virginia, USA. I am an IT administrator that works with servers, networks, computers, and other hardware/software and helping employees that do the actual work.

One of my online friends introduced me to LokLok a while back. Since then I’ve been using it to doodle on my phone every now and then and to communicate with friends. I initially started using LokLok on a Samsung Galaxy S2 but have since upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is a lot better for drawing with its S Pen.

LokLok_Bidnis Bear_by_AcerBanditLokLok_Shy shark_by AcerBandit

We all initially started using LokLok sort of as a replacement for Nintendo’s Swapnote which we all really miss ever since its online services shut down. LokLok works quite differently, but it is close enough and definitely offers more colour ink, a higher resolution, and there’s no ink limit.

LokLok_kermit has doughnuts for eyes_by AcerBanditLokLok_Pikachu has cash dollars_by AcerBandit

I typically just redraw silly images I find on the Internet. It’s not a simple tracing though, the lines I make are mine and I sketch them by sight. However, the time I drew the surfing bear was a bit different. I was bored and asked the chat room I like to hang out in what I should draw. My buddy asked for a “cool business bear on his day off surfboarding”. I went and looked up a quick reference pose of a surfer and a surfboard, and drew the bear you saw on my Twitter.

LokLok_bleh face_by AcerBanditLokLok_jontron slime_by AcerBandit

I’m sure there are far better artists out there that use your app than me but I certainly have fun with it.”

LokLok Storytime is a series of posts in which we are telling stories about our users and how they are using LokLok. If you want to get featured, post your drawings/doodles/edited photos made with LokLok to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #loklokapp hashtag.