LokLok Storytime: love story of Darion and Thomas written in colour

Today we are featuring Darion Cundiff, who we found posting romantic drawings and doodles with his boyfriend Thomas on Instagram.

“My name is Darion Cundiff and work as a Model in Houston, TX, USA. I am also in a school for real estate.


I use LokLok on my Samsung Note 4 with my boyfriend, Thomas. Usually we just doodle over our photos and leave little reminders for each other on our lock screens. We got the app when we started our relationship almost a year ago. Me and Thomas met on Tinder and instantly knew that we were meant for each other. Thomas is a manager at a local pet store, we love animals and actually we just adopted our first dog, Kya. Thomas and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary on 2 October 2015.

Darion Image_3LokLok_Darion_and_Thomas_flowing_riverLokLok_Darion_and_Thomas_minions

I use LokLok with a stylus pen which makes drawing a whole lot easier. I got my drawing skills from my mom, she’s always been amazing at painting. I’d call my drawing skills quite mediocre, but LokLok has helped me to become better at drawing since I started using it. Thomas is a true artist though, his whole family paints and draws.

LokLok_Darion_and_Thomas_flowersLokLok_Darion_and_Thomas_embraceLokLok_Darion_and_Thomas_kissing couple

Thomas is the one who discovered LokLok and when I tried searching for it in Apple Store on my iPhone, I had no luck. In the end I bought an Android smartphone like Thomas’s and downloaded the app instantly. We love it! :)”

LokLok Storytime is a series of posts in which we are telling stories about our users and how they are using LokLok. If you want to get featured, post your drawings/doodles/edited photos made with LokLok to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #loklokapp hashtag.