LokLok Storytime: Josh and Katie – the most hilarious couple so far

Today’s LokLok Storytime features Josh and Katie, who it took 2 weeks to get back to us with a story, but we don’t mind because they are such a fun couple 🙂

“Hi, I’m Josh, an electronic engineering technology student at the University of North Texas. I’m not sure how I came across LokLok, I frequently get bored with how my phone looks and tend to do a lot of customizations. So I’m sure it was during one of these episodes that I was looking for a cool new lock screen that I came across LokLok.

Josh arrow loklokappT-Rex Joshua loklokappSnowman joshua loklokapp

I mostly use LokLok to share a lock screen with my girlfriend Katie. We have opposite schedules during the day – I am home when she is at work, so it’s a way for us to be able to do something together during the day, if just for a few minutes. We love to take photos of ourselves and then go on a drawing rampage to see who can come up with the most creative situation around the image. Katie likes to draw so sometimes I will look down at my phone to a goofy drawing of a cat or a stick figure comic. It really brightens my day.

Katie skuba diving loklokappKitty Joshua copy LokLokKatie Thug Life loklokapp

I also use LokLok a lot while I’m at work. If there is a bit of down time during the day and I will take a photo and draw something humorous or silly over it and message it to my boss. I work at Texas motor Speedway, which is a NASCAR Race Track. I’ve had 3 bosses in the time I’ve worked there and they all enjoyed my shenanigans. At one point all three of them still worked for the company and my old boss got upset because he wasn’t getting the drawings sent to him anymore.

Thinking of a burger LokLokSpaceship Joshua loklokappFoiled again Josh LokLok

You can check Josh’s blog with other photos here (this is where we found him).

LokLok Storytime is a series of posts in which we tell stories about our users and how they use LokLok. If you want to get featured, post your drawings/doodles/edited photos made with LokLok to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #loklokapp hashtag.