LokLok Storytime: how a single drawing helps to feel together when you are apart

Today’s story is about Sneha from Hyderabad, India. She is using LokLok with her fiancé who lives half a planet away from her. It’s been a great pleasure to read Sneha’s story. It’s always inspiring to learn that our work makes a little contribution to someone’s happiness.

My name is Sneha. I’m an accountant and I work at Deloitte.I love to travel: everything I do now is to be able to travel when I want and the way I want :). I enjoy reading too.

My fiancé Rakesh lives in San Diego and he was the one who discovered Loklok 2 years ago. We haven’t stopped using it since then. We never really used it with anyone else, it’s something personal and special for us 🙂

LokLok Long Distance Fiancee LokLok App long distance relationship pazzleLokLok Storytime long distance

We’ve been in a long distance relationship ever since we met. I can say with complete honesty that LokLok is one of the most fun things we use to make little things count.

How it works for us – I start a doodle and send it. He adds something and then I add something else and it almost always turns into something funny and cute. There have been times when we fought and erased the doodle/picture on LokLok. There is nothing more annoying and uncomfortable than a blank lock screen! It’s a constant reminder every time I use my phone that things need to be set right with him 🙂

LokLok Storytime trainLokLok Storytime Ton of WorkLokLok Storytime too bright

Most of my friends know I use LokLok and sometimes they just double tap my lock screen to see what Rakesh and I are up to this time. And when people who don’t know about LokLok happen to see my lock screen, they would always ask me what the hell it is and I end up explaining the app and the doodle. It’s quite hilarious 🙂

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Again, a big thank you to the creators for their hard work! You guys are truly amazing!

If you are using LokLok too and want to be featured on our blog – post your drawings/screenshots on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #loklokapp tag. The best ones will be covered in our blog. Hugs!