LokLok Storytime: fluffy love story of Nika and Óscar

“Hi, my name is Nika and I work as a studio manager in Kwamecorp’s Lisbon office, Portugal. Victoria, LokLok’s PR manager asked me if I want to feature the story about this close friendship between me and Óscar on LokLok Storytime. I thought, why not. Me and Óscar are open about our feelings.

Oscar and Nika, LokLokOscar hungry, LokLok

So, we moved in together with Óscar over a month ago. I’ve been wanting a dog for a long time. Years, actually. I’ve recently moved to a new flat and was planning to get a small rescue dog when everything was perfect in the flat to welcome him. But when I saw Óscar’s photo on a Facebook post one day, which said he was looking for a family to adopt him, I couldn’t wait anymore. I went to meet him and fell in love. All the scratches from this puppy biting on my arms and legs didn’t matter. The absence of furniture and other basic facilities was not that important anymore.

Oscar Art LokLokOscar smoke LokLok

So, when Óscar went to live with me, we had almost nothing at home. We were both sleeping on the sofa, I still didn’t have a finished kitchen. But none of those were important for a dog to feel at home, right?! So he’s been my true companion through all this tiring process of a flat renovation. He’s been the delight of my friends and everyone meeting him.

Oscar in LoveOscar mess

My heart shrinks every time I leave home for work because of his loud sadness. It only grows back when I see him again, so excited we are to be together. It’s just incredibly great to think that little pooch will be by my side for many years ahead. Overwhelming.”

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