LokLok Storytime: bored with ‘I love you’? How about ‘Eye :heart: you’?

This week’s LokLok Storytime features Dana and her boyfriend Jake who likes to express his romantic feelings through rebuses drawn on LokLok.

My name is Dana, and I am a college student from central Illinois. My boyfriend’s name is Jake. He is a chemistry major. We met at a goodwill where we both worked a few years ago.

Jake sent me this one because I’m a dental hygiene student:

LokLok_You make me smile colgateLokLok_I love you mccafe

Throughout the day, I don’t get to see my boyfriend too much because we go to different schools and work at different places. I love LokLok because we can send each other cute notes, and it’s always nice to find a note on my lock screen waiting for me. 🙂

LokLok_Eye love youLokLok_2 peas in a pod

I also like this app because I can leave myself notes or reminders like: get coffee, or pick up groceries.

LokLok_Rabbit with honeyLokLok_Jake plus Dana

If you are a happy LokLok user too and want to be featured – post your drawings/screenshots on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #loklokapp tag. The best ones will be covered in our blog. Hugs!