Introducing LokLok Storytime: creative drawings by Najique

It’s been a year since our baby LokLok has first seen the world. Since then it has found its home in smartphones and tablets of thousands of people. Living its life humbly and quietly, the little app has been working hard to connect friends, couples and families around the world. LokLok allowed close people to communicate in a more intimate way – turning the otherwise standard block of text lines into a vibrant message full of life, art and personal touch.

Here at LokLok we draw our ideas and inspiration from our users. They showed us that LokLok not only helps to keep in touch with the beloved ones, but also serves as a means of artistic expression, a digital post-it board and even as a productivity tool. So we thought, who could tell us better stories about LokLok than our users? This is how the idea of LokLok Storytime was born.

LokLok Storytime is a series of posts in which we are telling stories about our users and how they are using LokLok. The one to begin the series is Najique Gayle, 22, whose amazing drawings we found on Twitter.

“My name is Najique Gayle and I am from Kingston, Jamaica. I’m 22 years old and I work in customer service and study part time at the University of the West Indies.

LokLok_girl_in_a_sweamware_by_Na LokLok_blue_gorilla_by_Najique LokLok_cupcake_by_Najique

I basically learned to draw from watching my friends in school, tutorials on YouTube and Tumblr posts. However, in the end everything comes down to a lot of practice. To be honest, I didn’t think I was that good before, so I just stopped. But recently I started drawing again as something to pass the time when I was bored at work or just at home with nothing to do.

LokLok_20150427_202224 LokLok_20150427_164245 LokLok_20150425_184716

I use LokLok mostly to do little drawing for my girlfriend. Sometime we would create grocery lists, little reminders for stuff and the like, cute lovey-dovey and good morning doodles. We even did a little challenge where we had a draw off based on random Wikipedia articles (shout out to the Drawfee channel on YouTube :).

LokLok_twerk_twerk_by_Najique LokLok_miss_cleo_by_NajiquePlank by najique loklok

I use the app on my Google Nexus 5 and draw with my finger. The app is so smooth and simple to use, I fell in love with it instantly. I started using it when it first became available on the Internet, and have been happy with it since”.

You can reach out to Najique via his Twitter account.

If you are a happy LokLok user too and want to be featured – post your drawings/screenshots on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #loklokapp tag. The best ones will be covered in our blog. Hugs!