How does LokLok work?

When you install the app, it replaces your standard lock screen with a new one where you can draw and place photos. If you connect it to a friend both your lock screens become synchronised, so whenever one of you draws something it immediately shows up on the other person’s lock screen.


How do I connect with my friends?

You can send them a private invite by email from the app or you can use the “Tell a friend” option to send them a text message via a different messaging app, such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or your SMS app.

As an alternative, you can find friends from your facebook account and from your contact book who are already using LokLok. In that case, they will be added to your contacts list so you can invite them.


Can I use it as a Widget?

Yes, you can.


Can I use it on my tablet?

Yes, you can.


Can I use photos from my gallery and other apps?

Yes, any app that lets you share an image with other apps on your phone will allow you to place the photo on LokLok. Just look for the share button and select LokLok from the list.


Can I be in more than one group?

Yes, in the current version you can be in up to 3 different groups.


Can I be notified whenever I receive a new drawing or message?

Sure, you can enable the notifications in the LokLok settings. As you may have noticed, the notifications are off by default. That’s because we believe that half the fun of using LokLok is the surprise of looking at your phone and finding that someone left you a message, drawing or photo on your lock screen. On the other hand, we reach for our phones close to 150 times a day, so chances are you will look at your lock screen within the next few minutes anyhow.


Can I use LokLok without replacing my lock screen?

Sure, you can disable LokLok from replacing your lock screen and just use it as a widget or you can just open it like a regular messaging app. In that case, you’ll probably want to enable the notifications so you know when someone has left you a message, since it won’t be the first thing you see when you switch on your device.


Where are the images uploaded to?

They’re uploaded to our server so we can synchronise it with the people in your group. We only keep the latest image on each group, so if you want to delete it from our servers you just have to clear your screen.


Is there an iPhone version?

Not yet. LokLok takes full advantage of Android’s possibilities for customisation. Apple has a strict policy and doesn’t allow any apps to take over the phone’s lock screen. We are currently working on an iPhone version of LokLok, which will be slightly different but cool anyway. We will announce the release date soon.


I can’t sign in, how do I fix it?

LokLok currently uses Google Play Services for authentication and we’ve realised that some people have been having issues with it. Here’s how you can fix it:

1. First, check your date and time settings, if they’re incorrect you won’t be able to sign in. Just go to Settings > Date and time and set it to automatic or adjust it manually. This fixes most sign in problems.

2. If the previous step doesn’t solve it for you, you might be having issues with the two-step authentication. Please visit this link for more info and instructions on how to fix it.

If it still doesn’t work or if you find an alternate fix, please let us know ([email protected]) so we can help you and other users. We understand that not being able to sign in  can be very frustrating and we’re working on building a different authentication system that doesn’t rely on Google services to avoid this problem.

Please note that if you’re in mainland China you probably won’t have access to Google services and won’t be able to login. We’re very sorry about that. Please wait for a new version of the app.


I didn’t get a validation code via SMS, why?

First of all you should know that this is not required in order for you to use LokLok. You can skip that step and use the app just as well. We only use the validation code to help you find friends from your contact book and let them find you, so if it’s not working you can always connect with friends using any of the other methods available: linking your facebook account, sending them a message via the “tell a friend” feature or inviting them by email.

We’ve realised that most users that have this issue are in India, so we found this explanation. If this is not your case and you’ve made sure you’ve selected the right country, entered the right phone number and waited enough time in case messages are just delayed, please send us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll look into it. In the meantime, please carry on using the app, you can always add the validation code later.


Can I use a password or pattern on my lock screen?

LokLok  doesn’t yet have that feature, so if you need it you should keep using the security mechanisms from your system’s lock screen. When you have any security enabled you will be shown your system lock screen after the LokLok screen so you can authenticate. That way, we let Android handle your security and never override or compromise it.

The security features will be integrated into LokLok in a future update.


How do I erase a drawing?

Just touch the drawing with two fingers, separated from each other. You can then slide your fingers around to erase the whole area very quickly. Just make sure your fingers are not too close together so you’re device doesn’t interpret it as a single touch. You can see it in action on the video above, 13 seconds in (or here). There’s also an eraser in your drawing tools for erasing smaller areas.


What permissions does the app need and why?

Identity: we use your Google account so you don’t have to create a new username and password to use LokLok. We will never share your email address with anyone else and we don’t add or remove accounts, although it shows up as part of the same permission group.

Contacts / Calendar: if you enter your phone number, we’ll read your contacts to find people in your list who are already using LokLok. If someone else has saved your phone number in their contacts, we’ll also let them know you’re already using LokLok. This is an optional step. We don’t save your contacts anywhere and will never show or share your phone number. Oh, and the calendar is part of the same permission group, although we don’t use it at all.

Location: we use your approximate location to better understand which countries have more LokLok users. This refers to your approximate location (country/city), which is determined by your network, not your GPS. This is anonymous data for analytical purposes only.

Photos / Media / Files: we save images on your device and allow you to import images from your gallery to LokLok.

Camera / Microphone: we use the camera so you can take photos. The Microphone is part of the same permission group but we don’t use it.

Device ID & call information: this is used for detecting incoming calls so that we can automatically remove the lock screen at the right moment. We never read the phone identity.

Device & app history: this is used for detecting when you launch a new app from the notification tray so that we can remove the lock screen for you.


How can I enable or disable the unlock sound?

Just go to your Android’s Settings > Sound settings > Screen lock sound.


How can I change the wallpaper?

The current version uses your home screen wallpaper. If you change it (as you normally would if you weren’t using LokLok), it will update the wallpaper that LokLok is using. Soon you’ll be able to select a specific wallpaper for LokLok which might be different from the one in your home screen.


I want to get involved, what can I do?

Great! You can sign up for our Test Group. We’ll send you early versions of the app with new features that we’re trying out so you can let us know what you think before we publish it on the Play store. We may also ask for your opinion when we’re deciding what to focus on next or ask you to test a specific feature to see how it works for you.

Of course, rating our app on the Play store always helps too!