LokLok Storytime: drinking hamsters, pug boats and other adventures

The first LokLok Story of 2016 is about Cari, who draws amazing pictures featuring her pug, her RV and other random things, like balls of hair 🙂

My name is Cari. I live with my girlfriend in Michigan and work with animals. My hobby is basically playing with my 3 dogs, but reading and watching TV are right up there in importance. 😉 We love to travel in our RV. We bought it with our dogs in mind, so they could travel with us.

LokLok Storytime_Peeing DogLokLok Storytime_Smoking PugLokLok Storytime_Christmas

I’ve really enjoyed LokLok! I have about 3 “groups” going at any given time. 1 with my girlfriend and me, and the others are with a few different friends. I keep trying to get more of my friends on board. One group of friends and I would send funny memes back and forth, sometimes with a running theme, other times to be shocking or cute. I use memes sometimes for my other groups, but not as often.

Storytime LokLok_HamsterLokLok Storytime_Christmas TreeLokLok Storytime_Bearded dude

What we have been enjoying is either starting with a picture (generally of one of the dogs 🙂 ) and then adding drawings on that. Lately we’ve been starting from scratch with just a drawn tree or something, then we each add onto that.

LokLok Storytime_TumbleweedLokLok Storytime_Pug BoatLokLok Storytime_Pug Lancelot

The black pug that is a recurring theme in our LokLok drawings is our pug, Tank. He’s quite the character. The Adventures of Tumbleweed picture was a ball of hair I brushed out of one of our dogs. My nephew, Austin, the evil villain type. Christmas is a recurring theme apparently too. 🙂

If you are a happy with LokLok too and want to be featured on out blog – post your drawings/screenshots on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #loklokapp tag. The best ones will be covered in our blog. Hugs!