LokLok Storytime: the story of Sarah, Jimmy and 1080 miles between them

Today’s story is about Sarah, who lives in Pennsylvania, USA, her boyfriend Jimmy, who lives in Florida, and 1080 miles that lie between them.

“Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m studying at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. About two years ago I met my boyfriend Jimmy online. After getting to know each other, we quickly took the next step and made it official, beginning our relationship. The only thing is, we’re a bit unique because Jimmy lives in Florida which puts approximately 1,000 miles between us.

LokLok pudding cupLokLok pumpkin

Being in a long distance relationship puts a heavy emphasis on healthy communication. It’s difficult to have a face to face conversation, as well as communicate in general with someone a great distance away, even with all the technology that currently exists. This inspires me to constantly find new ways for Jimmy and me to talk and forget the distance between us. I also have a blog, where I share my experiences and thoughts about how it is to be in a long distance relationship. It’s called 1080 Miles which is exactly the distance that lies between us.

LokLok - Lady bugLokLok_The owl

I stumbled upon LokLok after switching to my very first Android smartphone under the persuasion of Jimmy. We use the app to leave each other little messages to see whenever we are able to use our phones while at work and school. Typically, they’re reminders or good morning messages for us to see. Sometimes we leave little pictures there that we saw somewhere on the internet that day.

LokLok_virtual hugLokLok_Flower

It’s a fun way to leave surprise messages since we never know what we’ll see from each other when we unlock our phones. I think LokLok is unique, just like our relationship, and it brings another new way to communicate with someone.

LokLok Storytime is a series of posts in which we tell stories about our users and how they use LokLok. If you want to get featured, post your drawings/doodles/edited photos made with LokLok to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #loklokapp hashtag.