LokLok Storytime: the story of cat girl Ilona and her cat boy Przemek

Today’s story is about Ilona from Poland, who once posted an adorable drawing of a couple of cats on Instagram. Of course, we couldn’t just walk by without featuring it.

“My name is Ilona and I’m from Poland. I am 19 years old and in October I’m going to start studying architecture at the Poznań University of Technology.


I found LokLok when I was searching for a nice lock screen in Google Play, and when I saw the description I thought this might be the one for me. As it turned out, I was right. I initially started using it on a HTC Desire 500, but this summer had to switch to Samsung Galaxy Core Plus. 4.3″ screen is not much, but LokLok handles it nicely, even though I draw with my finger.


I managed to convince Przemek, my boyfriend, to use it too, and now once in a while I send him my little drawings or simply a shopping list. Sadly, he doesn’t draw much, because he claims he can’t, so I mostly use the app to make notes for myself. Przemek always says that I’m “his cat” so I thought it would make him laugh if I drew myself that way. Since then I always look like a cat in my drawings for him.


I always liked to draw (especially during History classes in high school) and make things by myself (like scrapbooking albums or birthday cards). I guess that’s why I want to be an architect and for me LokLok is a reminder to draw more and to have more fun with it”.

LokLok Storytime is a series of posts in which we tell stories about our users and how they use LokLok. If you want to get featured, post your drawings/doodles/edited photos made with LokLok to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #loklokapp hashtag.