LokLok Storytime: about Kirstie and Ku. And their “love in the air”

Today’s LokLok Storytime features Kirstie, who was born in Philippines but lives in the skies, and her beloved Ku, who always waits for her in Manila. :)

“Hi, my name is Kirstie Babor, and I’m from Cebu, Philippines. My work calls for me to be based thousands of miles away from home. I am currently living in Jeddah and working as a flight stewardess at Saudi Arabian Airlines. Continue reading

LokLok Storytime: Josh and Katie – the most hilarious couple so far

Today’s LokLok Storytime features Josh and Katie, who it took 2 weeks to get back to us with a story, but we don’t mind because they are such a fun couple :)

“Hi, I’m Josh, an electronic engineering technology student at the University of North Texas. I’m not sure how I came across LokLok, I frequently get bored with how my phone looks and tend to do a lot of customizations. Continue reading

Introducing LokLok Storytime: creative drawings by Najique

It’s been a year since our baby LokLok has first seen the world. Since then it has found its home in smartphones and tablets of thousands of people. Living its life humbly and quietly, the little app has been working hard to connect friends, couples and families around the world. LokLok allowed close people to communicate in a more intimate way – turning the otherwise standard block of text lines into a vibrant message full of life, art and personal touch.

Continue reading