Open Beta!

After a few months of improving the app, building new features and fixing bugs, we are very happy to say that LokLok is now publicly available for all Android users. You no longer need an invite to use it and you can connect with whoever you wish.

Since we launched the first version, we’ve had over 10,000 users trying the app and the feedback that we got was outstanding. We’ve had conversations with our Beta testers, added new features, iterated on existing ones and have seen our metrics evolve as a result. During the last weeks, we put a lot of effort on usability, privacy and stability and we now feel that LokLok is solid enough to be open to everyone.

However, LokLok is still in Beta and it’ll keep evolving. We’re already working on the upcoming releases and are looking forward to your getting some feedback. Let us know what you think via, our facebook page or via twitter (@loklokapp).

Introducing multiple groups

As requested by many users, LokLok will support different simultaneous groups starting today. You can now create, for example, one group for your significant other, another one for your closest group of friends and yet another one for your selected family members.

We’ve decided to limit the number of groups to 3 per user. We do this because we’re convinced that creating meaningful bonds around close relationships adds more value than being in a lot of groups with people that are not such an important part of your life. By limiting the number of groups, we’re encouraging you to be more selective about who you connect to, making sure that we keep your LokLok meaningful and noise-free. After all, the lock screen is a special space on your device and you should reserve it for special people in your life, right?

Thanks for your feedback

Just a quick update to say thanks. After our first launch, we’ve received some great reviews ranging from “One of the 5 most original apps at Mobile World Conference 2014″ (El País) to “LokLok has that simple-but-brilliant feel to it” (Stuff UK).

More importantly we’ve received tons of amazing feedback from our growing community of Beta testers. It’s hard to explain how valuable this is for us. We have an ever growing list of features and improvements that we want to implement – your feedback helps us figure out what to focus on first and draws our attention to parts of the app that need our immediate attention. We reply to every single email we receive, so keep it up, we want to hear from you!

As a direct result, today we’re pushing out a much requested feature: drawing tools. You can now select different colors, brush sizes, a special stylised brush (inspired by the amazing Paper app) and an eraser. The artist in us is happy.

LokLok Beta is live!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of LokLok on the Play store. We’re starting with a few selected countries and we’ll be rolling it out to the whole world over the next couple of weeks.

We’re currently on Invite Only Beta, but you can request your invite  from the app. Right now most requests are being accepted within hours, so hurry up because this might change as we get more users.

It’s been a fun journey so far, and it’s only just started!